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#401748 - I had to stop her before I shot a week’s worth of cum over her shaven pussy, then turning her so she faced the wall I slipped my cock between her legs and pushed it straight into her wet pussy as I took a good grip of her heavenly tits and tweaked her nipples which wear hard and the size of a baby’s thumbs, after fucking her in this position for a few minutes Shelly told me to pull out as she wanted to taste me, Shelly got to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me off like she had gone without for years not 5 days, Shelly is very good at oral and I ended up shooting what felt like gallons of cum in her mouth and over her face, As soon as the last drop of cum was dripping from the end of my cock Shelly said “seeing as were in the shower, I want you to rinse it all off with your piss” this was a treat to me as Shelly rarely let me urinate over her face, normally I would piss over her tits or ass but I loved pissing in her face especially after covering it with

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