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#247172 - I subscribe to poz websites for guys who want to spread AIDS and guys who want to get it, and they have ads where guys say they have AIDS and are going to the baths at such and such a time. The odds are that one of those beautiful cocks is going to have AIDS, and per my bareback rule, will infect me with AIDS sooner or later. I was probably 30 years old when I started seriously looking to get diseases, and the big POZ! It was always a risk, you had a 50/50 chance, they either had it or not, but it was such a huge risk that it became a turn on, not knowing.

Read Camsex Rider-san to Oshiire. - Fate stay night Finger Rider-san to Oshiire.

Most commented on Camsex Rider-san to Oshiire. - Fate stay night Finger

Lanling wang
Nice fatty girl
Eriko futami
Hot as fuck
Black thoroughbred
She just steal their van at the end
I dont know if its real or not but the idea of an innocent amish girl going black as soon as she leaves is hot as fuck
Daisuke jigen
Super sexy