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#204867 - See you tomorrow, right, she called after him!?! Tomorrow, he yelled back!!! Now turning to her mother she said softly, He's a good boy isn't he mom!?! Patting her daughter on the cheek she replied, One of the best, dear, one of the best!!! THE END. Adkins let out deep satisfying sighs, Scottie because his pecker was being royally sucked off, and Doris because having Scottie's penis in her mouth was having a dramatic ?affect on her clitoris!!! For the next five minutes or so, all three of them did what had to be done, Scottie offering his erection for Doris' hungry mouth, and Jan suckling on her mother's massive bosom! The only sounds that could be heard were the slurping and licking noises coming from the mouths of the two Atkins women, and occasionally a soft moan coming from Scottie! Doris was now delirious with lust, and in great vain she tried to press her thighs together in a futile attempt at putting pressure on her now fully erect clitor

Read Gay Bareback Beach ni wa Kono Atashi! - Fate grand order Facial Beach ni wa Kono Atashi!

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