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#57020 - Harry was allowing his hands to explore every inch of Ginny’s body as their tongues met, utilizing what he learned while watching the two girls together over the preceding several minutes, particularly from Hermione’s assault on Ginny. Harry assumed he must be doing something right because Ginny closed her eyes and purred like a kitten as he massaged and stroked her while they kissed, but then it occurred to him how differently Ginny tasted compared to just an hour earlier, and he realized part of the wetness he’d felt when their mouths first touched was Hermione; Ginny’s face had been buried between his best friend’s thighs only moments before, and not only was he tasting Ginny’s mouth, but Hermione’s pussy as well. He compromised with a few tentative slow stokes to gauge her reaction, followed by a couple of hard thrusts to ease the need was threatening to explode within him.

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Yoriko yasuzumi
Did they just stick a camera in her vagina
Super creative and hot