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#269756 - “P-please, don’t do that, i-it hurts!!!” “Of course it does,” Hannah whispered to the black giant, “now if you’re good, you won’t get hurt!!!” Although she was practically frozen with fear, Brittany couldn’t pull her eyes from the incredible erection that bobbed menacingly before them! “Okay, hon,” Hannah sighed. Freeman sent me over to get some extra basketballs!” “It was dark except for the light in the training room, and I thought someone had just left it on by mistake so I went down to shut it off!” “Then just as I stepped into the doorway Ben stood up and I saw everything!!!” “Jesus, did he see you?!?” Brit asked. “Don’t worry, you aren’t going to get into trouble!” she answered with a little exasperation.

Read Reality 救世主と救済者 - Original Assgape 救世主と救済者

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