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#361015 - its so strange th ewhole day i felt like asif someone had hit me so hard my nipples were sore n was hurting me n i could feels as if his dick was still inside me which made me feel so uncomfortable . i knew that watever had happened wasnt a drem then as i was searching for imy underwear all nakedmark was staring at me he pulled me closer his dick was clearly visible to me now and somehow my tits got harder the as though he saw it get harder he touched it smiled n said my lil boy has done a magic on u . then mark asked me out of the blue did u ever sleep with him ?i was a virgin then never had tried anything below my waist although tim my ex boyfriend had persuaded me so much i didnt feel rite so all we ever did was kiss eachother wile tim's hand would go all over my brest n then he would suck my nipples softly.

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