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#1666 - After a few minutes you start cumming and I just continue to lick you - swallow a bit of you - tasting you… you moan with desire and whimper, Please… Ooooh… yesss… oh God, that's sooo good… You hold on to my shoulders to steady yourself as I continue to tease your very wet pussy baby. After I’m fully in you - I then start to pull myself out - but before I get out fully - I’m back in you… we then slowly start fucking - you also start moving in rhythm to my thrusts… after a few minutes - you use your pussy muscles and tighten the grip around my cock… so tight that I may come - but before I cum, you losen yourself and then we turn around - you on top of me this time. I tenderly kiss your bare shoulder and across your collarbone to the other shoulder.

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