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#327496 - He carried me over to the King size bed and layed me on it, by this time my cock was nice and hard so Merve took hold of it and started to suck it, in no time at all I had a big thrill. “ If that is what you want I will talk to him and see that he is alright for you” . I couldn`t roll over quick enough to get Merve`s cock up my Bum, this time it didn`t hurt so I backed onto his cock and he was really fucking me hard, we were both enjoying fucking and being Fucked when all of a sudden the room was well lite, and there was Merve`s Daddy ( his name Ken) with a movie Camera, filming us Fucking also there was another man there who was Merve`s uncle, (his Name Pete) they were both Nude and I smiled at them both as I looked at there cocks , Pete came over to the side of the Bed , and I edged over so I could take hold of Peters cock and while Merve was Fucking me I was sucking on Peters bigger than Merve`s Cock, and at the same time Ken was filming us, then Merve exploded his spunk up my bum

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