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#291315 - And then she started to suck and lick me! OMG! OMG! She could teach my husband or any man a thing or two! There is just something about a woman going after another that is so sinfully arousing, as her apparently a bisexual woman one that really knew how to make a straight laced married woman like me into a submissive bisexual slut. She was flying in to LHR Heathrow, from New York, Mr Powers my slave master had insisted I use his silver Mercedes Business Limousine , to pick Diana up at the airport thinking that it would give her and I a better chance to know one another in a closer and more intimate way, and that I not have to drive and fight the airport traffic. Tyrone, Mr Powers My Black Owner, would experiment on her naked body with sensations of pleasure and humiliation after becoming his property, and for at least a three month time she had agreed to, and then make her decision .

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