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#155635 - Greywind didn’t have to be told twice he brought his muzzle forward to Tailsa lips and clash together she moan heavily into the direwolf mouth as he slide his tongue into her mouth she lay slowly on the bed followed by Greywind as he stood over her body that was still covered by the towel he growl into her mouth which make her moan with passion as she wrap her legs around his body. Greywind growl as he too started to cum it wasn’t before long it went all into Tailsa Stark mouth just like Greywind she too swallowed it all up she let go of his dick as she climb over the wolf body he looked up at her with wonder Robb Stark was fucking lucky now Greywind himself was getting lucky too. Greywind let out an low snarl as he sat down in front of the room watching Talisa Stark as she close the door she sigh in relief as she begin to strip off her clothes she begin to francisite about the wolf in an horny way Greywind was an big wolf and she begin to think the size of his dick god she wanted h

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