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#110361 - I laughed and said if you had no clothes on I would of known you scar and all , we had dinner she’d made, the house was all cleaned up I learnt they had changed over at 9am but they had an hour’s talk about me Doreen smiled and said it was all good what she had to say about you your big and you filled her more ways than one just make me as happy as she is tonight ! I said okay but no belly dancing on me tonight you make me cum to quick she said the fourth time you fuck me ill do it that way to make you come quick. A year later we arrived back in England at Portsmouth a girl I had known at the last camp came on board to see me big shock for me as I had taken a fancy to her I went out with her a few times then went home to Newcastle on leave while I was on leave my new shore base posting arrived and rail ticket to it . Doreen then said this is why it’s a bit bizarre I’m married to Ken you don’t know him we both live in the house as him its two flats, and we always have shared with each

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Swan white
I don t have a gag reflex gags lol