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#393122 - It will satisfy my curiosity and I know it will show Cathy just how good cunnilingus can be. “I know it’s unusual” said Tracey “but I love sucking cock – and I also enjoy being fucked in arse provided it’s gentle” Now I was embarrassed and I’m damn sure it showed in my face, but that could have just been because Tracey’s fingers were now lightly playing over the top of my cock and I was trying not to come, an attempt that almost failed when Cathy replied “Actually I love sucking cock too, although my last boyfriend was so big I could hardly get my mouth around it, but I have never been fucked in the arse – I don’t think I would enjoy it. I don’t know what was exciting me more, my wife’s friend sucking my cock or my wife becoming so excited watching.

Read Threeway L.O.S.E. へんたいおじさんとしいなのえろほん - Ensemble stars Gay Blowjob L.O.S.E. へんたいおじさんとしいなのえろほん

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