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#399913 - I started to spank Scott first and I know he liked it as much as i did because he was saying, '' Oh yea mom i like it like that , oh fuck yea mom spank me harder, you make it feel so good, fuck mom you are making me so fucking horny I want more, more, more mom spank me harder I want more than a spanking from you''. I moaned again and after I moaned I had realized my sons cock was rubbing up against my pussy and when I went to go push him off I couldn't because Scott and Peter where holding me down plus I was so horny I was to weak to fight them off and I couldn't so no because when I went to say something Peter stuck his cock in my mouth and pulled my hair and told me to suck it or else he would do many worse things to me and I would have to enjoy them so I did as he said and started to suck is big hard cock and then my son Jake told him to get off and hold me down and watch him fuck me so Petter did as he was told and held me down. '' Because

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