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#347740 - This was my first time touching another man let alone sucking a cock, his cock was thick and easily 8 inches, much bigger than mine, it filled up my mouth and i had trouble sucking it, my technique was bad but i was in a moment and overcome by being nervous and shocked about what i was doing. We were getting into it when he suggested we go somewhere else and keep going. I found him and dropped to my knees this time, i cant remember who undone his pants or who pulled his cock out but i was quick to start sucking it.

Read Time (Akihabara Chou Doujinsai) [Kinokonomi (konomi)] TS Akira-kun no Seiseikatsu 3 | Genderbent Akira-kun's Sex Life 3 [English] [desudesu] - Original Teenage Girl Porn TS Akirakun's Sex Life 3