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#210084 - The girls came back and Jenny was surprised at the spread I had laid out for them, they went and changed, each returning wearing T shirt and skirts of various lengths, the party got into swing and Jenny came and gave me a big hug thanking me for doing this for her, as she sat back she told Emily how lucky she was having a dad like me and wished hers was around, he had walked out her and her mother when she was 7. When it was Emily’s turn she slipped her bra off first, they others being happy from drink, didn’t seem to take much notice, she danced and pranced in front of me, her hips just over my cock, as she turned she pressed her tits against my face, then as she turned her back to me she looked down at the bulge in my trousers, “Hay girls, we’ve turned my daddy on and he’s got a right boner” they all crowded around me and then one said, “Lets see it” “No” I replied, “Come on, birthday girl here hasn’t seen a cock before” I looked at Emily for some support, she just smiled. I

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