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#136040 - If you do though, I can tell him. ” Rhea being married and with a young teenage daughter again thought long and hard “He is only a few years older than my daughter Jane” Jane laughed slightly “If it bothers you it does not seem to bother him” now Rhea was desperate to know what she meant, so Jane rather than keeping her in suspense added “I asked him what other women he likes and he mentioned you” Rhea shocked and blushed slightly “Me, are you serious?” “Yeah, he said so, said he loves your accent and he loves the idea of fucking another coloured pussy, I tried to explain all pussies are the same colour but you know what he meant” “He said so, really?” “I am not lying to you, so if you want the offer is there Rhea, and you are working with him in a few nights, doing the night shift”. He did not let up nor stop his acts of pleasure, he wanted this woman more than anything, he wanted to see all the cum leave her body and he wanted to look upon her face when she came.

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