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#353392 - I-I used my fingers. Okay, that's enough about your grades, Virna Finch, said while placing Betsy King's file down on her desk, so, now let's discuss your personal life. The two of them sat their silently for a moment until Virna Finch asked softly, Have you ever let a boy put his penis in your vagina? Betsy's head was literally swimming at such an intimate question, but after taking a moment to regain her composure she managed to stammer, Uh, no, I haven't! With her eyes cast down Betsy didn't notice that Virna was breathing shallowly and the next question came like a thunderbolt that nearly knocked her for a loop! Answer me this, dear, have you ever seen a boy's penis? M-miss Finch, Betsy mumbled, I hardly think that's a proper question for a teacher to be asking? Don't question me, Virna snapped evenly, now please answer my question!!! Betsy made an audible gulp before replying, I've seen one.

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Did he or did they wrap the wrong hand seems like she is a righty and they ran outta tape lol
Nagasone kotetsu
I like dot pussy of hers
You really are a dirty lady this is such a hot vid