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#120412 - He didn’t see me as I aimed at the knife and bang, it went flying out of his hand along with two of his fingers. We looked at each other and I yelled, “Hey, shut the hell up over there, I’m trying to take a nap!” James didn’t miss a stroke from the sounds we heard as he yelled back, “Hey you shut the hell up, I’m trying to fuck my girlfriend over here!” Everyone burst out laughing at his offhand comment. Go take a shower and get dressed in warm comfy clothes while I run into town and grab some stuff we need.

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Itsuki nakano
Big daddy has a hammer thats for sure
Yuu ishigami
Like if you want to fuck my holes and lick them while they leak
Kensuke aida
Amazon you can find a bunch of them on there
Mitsuki sonoda
So hot definitely inspiring for my next hentai