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#407473 - Amanda continued to see Jerry most weekends he would come over at some point to screw my wife it always seemed to begin with a downstairs quickie as if showing off to me after which they would spend several hours in bed drinking, laughing and screwing, of course I could watch the show if I wanted and occasionally I could join in during the rest periods to lick my wife’s pussy or arse if she felt it necessary however after a few more weeks his visits became less and Amanda told me that things were cooling between them and he was now showing more interest in a new girl at work, she said she was fine with it but I could tell she was hurting, I tried to tell her to put things behind us and to try to be faithful to me again however she just laughed and said that she had other plans when I asked what she meant all she would say was to wait and see. By now I could not have stopped even If I had wanted to as I had not had penetrative sex for over 5 months and here it was on a plate for me, S

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Suzuha amane
God this woman is so sexy
Kanade hayami
Your smile in the last one when he cums in you is so expressive so hot
Miyo takano
So horny