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#121120 - Not only was she the tightest of the few girls I'd ever fingered, but the added fact that it was her, Hayley, the dream girl of the school and my own personal muse for the last 2 years, nearly drove me over the edge. It's not as cliqueyish as it sounds, we all get on well, but when it comes to lunchtimes or social events, that's how it ends up being broken down, though the girls tend to prefer the company of us musicians than the socially challenged sports crew. I think she was right, as most of us had written manys a song about her, being the musicians that we are.

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Bianca whitaker
There was no cum swallow but fark you unloaded a bucket in her mouth
Anna akagi
Females are not supposed to pick or touch mens asses that shits disgusting
Yuu nishinoya
Because most women don t cum without clitoral stimulation and he s well aware of that fact evidently unlike some men out there
Iku nagae
That was amazing