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#265467 - I never heard much from Derek, just low, muffled mumbling, but I would hear Louise saying stuff like, “That’s it, Derek, that’s it, just like that! Keep going just like that! Omigod, Derek, that’s good, … …, that’s too good, ……, Oh, Derek, that is so-o-o FUCK-ING good!!” I would lie there, imagining them together in Louise’s room, but I’d had never had sex with a girl before, so the pictures in my mind were like the pictures in porn magazines I had read, or dirty movies I had seen, with Derek hammering Louise on her back, with her legs over his shoulders, or Louise on all fours, while Derek drove his cock into her pussy from behind. “Please stay and hold me for a minute,” she said in that soft voice, just above a whisper again, “Let me hold you.

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Yukino kikukawa
It look crazy tight