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#408813 - When she arrived I was dancing with another lady who was trying to grind her hips into me as we danced ,Rose walked over to us said to me enough dancing for tonight we are going home. We drank our coffee and went to bed . We cuddled up kissing and fondling each other I was sucking on her tits she turned round on me and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking I pulled her hips round put a leg over my head pulled her hips down and widened her legs and sank my tongue into her vagina she arched her back pushing her pussy hard into my face I kept licking I loved the musky taste and smell she started to gag as she tried to take me all in her mouth I came and she nearly choked some must of gone down the wrong way as she had a bit of a coughing fit but she managed to swallow most of it she came and she was running her juices all over my mouth and nose ,we had sex three more times during the night .

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Wish i could pound her
Yes they do
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Very nice anal