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#387728 - Her son and husband take turns fucking her and calling her every dirty name in the book until they both cum on her face, Melanies step brother then walks towards the computer and says I hope all you sick fucking perverts loved our incest video, now go fuck yourselves and he turns off the computer, Melanie laughs knowing that soon all three of them will die of heart attacks. He calls an escort and when she shows up she says her name is Melanie, Bobby pays her in advance and she starts to strip but Bobby says don't take your clothes off I just want to talk to you, I'm going to offer you the deal of a life time she says listen buddy I've heard it all before your going to promise to save me from this dirty life but your going to end up being a dirty pervert whose worse than all the Johns I've ever fucked Bobby smiles and says here touch this and he hand her the Death Note.

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