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#103379 - (tbc) ok here is part 2 Day 5 I go to work filled with anticipation at not knowing anybody and not knowing about the new job. We sit quietly for a time, it was only when Dee got up to leave that we spoke, I was then told where my new job was going to be and what I would be doing, I got up with Dee as she was going to show me where my new office was, as I left the room Diane asked me why I had never said hello to them at the station, I blushed and said that I was shy, she smiled, I walked through the door closing it behind me, as I followed Dee down the hall to my new office, I watched Dee walking in front of me, my eyes moving up and down her body, I smile to myself, we get to the office and she opens the door, I brush past her as I walk in, she follows me in and closes the door, we sit and talk about my duties and she shows me where everything is , we start chatting again getting to k

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