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#54784 - Starting slowly, l took his hard shaft into my mouth as deep as it would go and sucked for all I was worth; Peter gave me a little guidance and soon began to speed up thrusting into my throat deeper and faster. ‘How am I supposed to go for a massage looking turned on’ l said ‘It won’t be a problem’ Peter laughed ‘ now take off your bra and knickers so l can have a quickie before we go in’ Well what could l say to that, l stripped off in super fast time and Peter filled his mouth with my nips and my pussy with his fingers. Once l had licked Peter clean we entered the massage room, l remember Peter saying to the clerk up front that he wanted his usual masseuses and she said something about extras and to lay on the tables and leave our towels on the hooks.

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Haruko kamio
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Iron man | tony stark
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