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#305779 - “So do you like?” she asked and I could only nod, no words would form in my mouth, that brought a giggle from Ms. “Do you still live close to the school” she asked me with a giggle “I still live the same place I always did” I said my hand rubbing her naked ass gently, she wiggled it a little “Good, because you can meet me after school is out anytime for extra lessons on your technique” she said looking up into my eyes with a wink. Taking the condom she lifted it over her head and turned it upside down, the open end now right over her mouth and my thick cum ran down the inside and dripped out onto her tongue, every bit she took, dripping it into her open mouth and onto her outstretched tongue swallowing all my seed shaking the latex cover to get every drop, this making some small spots drop onto her cheeks, she smiled and put the used condom on the side draws then smiled at me.

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