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#339681 - “Put your finger in my ass,” Phyllis said and he did, fingering her ass and fucking her and making her relax and go tense and climax on his hot thrusting cock…Phyllis was grunting now, her little hot grunts and breathing in Roger’s ear and then it was quiet again in the living room…except that is for Vanessa’s sex sounds of “Oh my God” as she was being thoroughly fucked by Teddy and then both women rested with their men, Duke licking away at his cock. It was an erotic scene and as the boys joined the girls on the porch, everyone was very quiet…quiet, yes, but filled with aroused urgings. Phyllis and Vanessa smiled, sipping at their drink and Teddy joined in saying: “if this isn’t an orgy I don’t know what one is.

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