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#86236 - The setting was such that if could have been four women gathered together for afternoon tea and discuss a charity ball, but the next words out of Julie’s mouth dispelled that vision, “let’s get down to business, will you both want to fuck different dogs at the same time or just take turns with one?” Gina who was the younger of the pair, being in her mid-thirties, looked at Donna and blushed before she swept one of her brunette curls away from her cheek and spoke quietly, “It’s Donna’s 50th birthday soon and I wanted to get her something special. Hailey had led Bobby into the lounge and he was sitting patiently as Hailey said, “I will leave you to get on with things then. Gina was in heaven, Donna had introduced her to the delights of enjoying an experienced pussy licker but this was something entirely new.

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