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#136529 - My head was on Kim’s lap just staring at her, she was holding her jaw and opening and closing her mouth. I went to to bed right after I cleaned up, what the fuck had just happened! It was a crazy day alright Next morning everything was back to normal as if my sister had never jerked me!, I clearly remember her hands around my cock, but apparently she didn’t, I was awkward and a mess, around noon time Sara came to have lunch and I couldn’t even look at her knowing what I knew and what had happened in the couch, finally it was to obvious and she asked me what was wrong? I made an excuse about not feeling good, she asked me if I wanted to go to the doctor if I felt sick, I said it wasn’t that bad, Kim looked at Sara and told her it wasn’t that kind of sick, I couldn’t take it anymore so I made an excuse and went to my room. So it was only us.

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Precis newman
Her husband agreed with this refugees and ex prisoners also need love
She should have sucked the other guy too
Gray wolf
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