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#321201 - “Well maybe we can get further than we just did?” I said and winked at him, “Sounds very good to me!” He laughed as he picked me up and took me to the bedroom, “Vanessa I wanted you so bad when he was licking you out! I was angry because he got to give you 2 orgasms and I didn’t” Lee confessed, “Well for starters call me V and second you get your chance now!” I said as he ran his hands up my thighs and I was still so hot from being sucked and finger fucked, I swear he could feel the heat before his hand had gotten anywhere near my pussy. I got out on to the main road and he grabbed my arse, “How bout we carry on where we left off at mine?” He said, “I’ve already told you I’ve got to get back to my boyfriend! I’ll see you Monday!” I replied and walked off and I turned to see him disappear round the corner and pressed send on my phone and then walked back to Lee’s front door. He then kissed from my knees and then along my thighs taking his time as he did, I could hardly breathe

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