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#175047 - . Mine and Ned's fun went on for years im 19 now and now i taste my own pee when ever i cant get Ned to pee for me im so happy with how our relationship evolved. Later on towards bed time everyone had their own tent and swag to sleep in Hannah pitched her tent away from the campsite so she could get her me time witch is probably the highlight of her trip it wasn't helping that it was cold outside and the only blanket she had was a 2 person sleeping bag she thought to herself peace at last until she was startled by a knock at her tent her brother he forgot to pack his tent and his parents told him to share with Hannah as she had the 2 person sleeping bag Hannah was so annoyed they must of argued for 5 minutes before Ned won and climbed in the tent , when Hannah unzipped the sleeping bag Ned immediately spoke out y your naked Yes im a woman and i sleep naked if you dont like it go sleep in the woods replied Hannah Ned really had no choice he slipped into hi

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