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#5973 - My brother Dave slid the rabbit from my pussy but carried on working his tongue, he kissed his way up to my tits then before our mouths locked said ‘you sexy bitch’, l felt so grown up. As fantastic as it was standing fucking myself l needed to be on my back but first l had to get ready for my brother Dave, l sat at my mother’s dresser rolled the stockings up my legs then used a little eye liner and found the darkest red lippy my mother had, next l wriggled into the knickers and went to my room to put my half top on also taking my new best friend (sex toy) to my room. I was more than happy to please him and spread my legs to ease the rabbit into my pussy, like before the vibrating finger had me convulsing on the bed, my brother took control of the rabbit fucking me to expertly work its magic on my clitoris then l got a new sensational thrill ripping through my body and glanced down to see my brother using his tongue in harmony with the vibrating finger on my clitoris, l pushed the ba

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