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#161863 - I arrived at her house at 9:05, and got out the car, walked up to the door, and just as I was about to knock, she opened the door, and what I saw made my heart stop, she was still in pajama’s, she had on a hoodie and bunny pajama pants and fluffy pink slippers, and all I could think about was how beautiful she was in them. So, as she lead me through to the kitchen, she said, “I’ll show you around the house properly later, breakfast is getting cold and my parents are out till tomorrow night, so if you’re able, I want you to come and watch movies tonight here with me, okay?” I could not believe what I just heard, the whole day alone with Kara? It was almost too good to be true, “So what do you want to do today? We can swim, watch movies, go out somewhere, or whatever, really, I don’t mind” she said as she showed me to my seat, but before she could move to sit down, I pulled her seat out for her and then pushed her in again, “Wow, you really are quite a gentleman aren’t you?” she sai

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