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#306021 - Sure enough my friend arrived with the DVD’s about noon, I went to the shop and got some popcorn and sweets, everything was set. Your comments are always appreciated part3?. I said you look so sexy, she smiled, as I resumed licking her cute little nipples, I slid my hand down the front of her panties, as I reached the top of her hairless slit, I slid my finger down until I felt her hot wet honey pot, she moaned deeply, I slid my finger just inside to get it wet, then slid back up her slit to her clit, as I gently flickered my finger over her clit she pushed towards me, letting out little moans as she pushed to meet my finger, she was so wet, I wanted to eat her little hot pussy so much, I pulled back and she opened her eyes to see why I had stopped, shall we go to my bedroom its much more comfortable I said, ok she said.

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