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#390555 - But that was along time ago, Jessica was now 18 years old a registered member of the female meat draft and had her own state meat lottery number that could be called at any time ordering her to report to her designated meat processing plant when her number was up. Stacey came back to the room but Jessica was so caught up in the fantasy she hadn't noticed that Stacey was not alone, a man was with her, So this is your pig? the man had said breaking Jessica's thought forcing her to look up at the man hovering over here with a clip board, Yes her name use to be Jessica, but as you can see here she has volunteered to be the spit roast at our barbeque tonight Stacey said to the man handing him a form, the same form Jessica had signed for their game. When Jessica arrived at Stacey's house she was met at the door by Stacey, Hi babe!, I've missed you so much Stacey said as she allowed Jessica to enter her house.

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Miyako miyazaki
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