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#53299 - Damn Brent what the fucks wrong with you. He smiled at me and said come here lil nigga and give me a hug But we was on the couch so when he pulled me in for the hug well was bouncing all on the couc h and playing and just doing stupid shit and then that when I felt his hand touch my pussy but I didn't say anything but I got a little wet and I hope that he didn't feel it but he did because while his hand was right there he looked me dead in my face and said my bad and he walk out the room all I was thinking is FUCK, I was sitting there for like 5 minutes then that when he came back in the room and then that's when I got up and left the room but then he put his foot out and tried to trip me, haha real funny Brent and he was like come back here and he pulled me by my arm till I fail back on to his lap and then he said Im sorry lil nigga I ain't mean to put my hand right there I was like im 1000 Brent don't worry bout that then I smiled and left the room I went to

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