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#264822 - His wish Is her command One of his hands For each of Her ass cheeks Pulling them Spreading them Showing him He’s smiling That’s his favorite part She’s wet already Slippery Glistening Everywhere He bends down She feels the spit Hit her tight Little asshole Her heart beats No warm up tonight Straight to it Inhale exhale Slowing her breathing She’s already feeling His impatience He’s pushing Rushing She’s tries relaxing Still new at this No choice No voice Only him The object Of his whims Popping in Sharp pain The lights Are flashing behind Her eyes Blinding He’s finding His way in He loves her ass She had a virgin ass Before he Go a hold of it She let him Take it Told him to Force it Knew she wouldn’t Do it Otherwise Pain Comes in the Disguise Of pleasure She feels so full It hurts But its hurts So fucking good Right now She doesn’t understand Yet She’s still new At this Constriction Tension Around hi

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Beautiful bouncing breasts
Kirika akatsuki
Omg i would have finished her up in pronebone position once i see the squinty eyes mouth wide open sexy struggling facial expression grabbing of the sheets that s when you lean forward and whisper in their ear whatever you want them to say lol