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#229887 - She didn’t have to be at work until 1pm on Wednesday so they had a good 4 hours to play. He thought about cumming in her tight and lovely ass…(which was usually only on the menu when she left him in complete command)…he was just too excited to change holes…His urgency had added to her own arousal and she came again ( with the same Oh God! Oh Fuck! soundtrack) when she felt him explode inside her… They both climbed under the covers and snuggled as has become their practice at least while she was on this schedule…He checked his phone and set an alarm so they didn’t oversleep if in fact they did nap…The alarm woke them both and she checked to see if he was up for a final quickie…but he demurred…She took another shower and got herself ready…When she was ready she kissed him and said,” Thanks Daddy…. She licked the tip and paid due attention to his balls as well…much in the manner he had showed her he liked.

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