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#234036 - Not only his body had changed but also his DNA due to his corporal body change, the alien worms rewrote his genetic material now his sperm cells were slightly larger, their tail and head had become bigger containing the modified genetic information for future offsprings but now they also contained more nutrients and vitamins making the cells stronger, healthier, faster, resilient and tastier for later consumption, now the worms were going to be tougher and healthier. The cum that had been ejaculated inside the girl started making their way to her reproductive system, before arriving to her eggs multiple worms came from other orifices and started consuming the cum, feeding on the little swimmers which had a lot of proteins and energy, these worms had grown a little larger after consuming the boy’s cum.

Read Stretching Surudake Juuroku. - Touhou project Hardcore Porno Surudake Juuroku.

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