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#93636 - Next, the tall man (I think it was him) reentered the room, I felt some finger fingers fumbling with my balls, and then felt a sharp prick as he injected me as he had done the boy. “that will shut you up you stupid prick” My throat contracted as I tried to yell, my tongue now furling, sounds coming from my throat, drool running from my forced open mouth. “jesusss-” As I wriggled and twisted against the leg, hip and with my arms bound behind my back, I caught sight of the man on the table, his toes and hands – his feet writhing and his fingers desperately digging the table – that’s when it dawned on me – he didn’t know this was going to happen to him either – he didn’t know he was going to have my cock in his mouth, he had agreed to a “bondage without limits frenzy” aswell, but did not read the small print as well… I watched him try to twist and curl – but to no avail the silky sheet clung to his perfect body.

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