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#276138 - Laurens, once the old boy got a peak at his erection he became completely in its thrall, and without so much as uttering a response, Josh just pushed his hips forward in a signal for him to take it into his mouth, and just like his English teacher, that’s exactly what he did!!! “Oh, god,” he moaned quietly when his soft tongue caressed the head of his big dick, “t-that feels just wonderful, ohhhhhhhhhh my that’s nice!!!” Just hearing him make appreciative comments about his oral abilities drove him into a feeding frenzy as he sucked wildly on the head of the nine inch prick, desperately trying to coax out a gusher into his needy mouth!!! Even though he had a modicum of control over these men, it still was a case of a young inexperienced man having his pecker sucked, and as they are wont to do, his entire body shuddered hard as he ejaculated a stunning cum shot down his more than eager throat!!! After a glassy eyed Mr. Crandle, I have a note from Mr. Jackson while he was minding hi

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