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#91901 - I asked her to sit on my lap and started to nibble at her lips my hands roaming freely about her torso after a bit of this I slid her over and brought her hand to my now re engorged cock her hand was eager now stroking me through my boxers I wondered exactly what she was looking for so I point blank asked is this cock big enough for what you want she blushed again and said yes will you join me in a room ? gladly . A lady friend of mine on the board for the metro library who had been a client of my photo studio in the past told me of the elaborate yearly Clothing drive with many retailers donating as well, she told me that there were always a lot of lace and lingerie that while unsuitable for the drive would be perfect for the boudoir part of my business so we set up an after hours rendezvous To look through for choice pieces of lingerie. He sized me up I know who you are and what you do i’m sure I can trust your discretion for this event one of the girls will bring you the rules and

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