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#275702 - “Oh mom of course we will, when will you be back” “I’m not shore but there’s some chicken in the fridge make yourselves a sandwich for lunch, as she turned to leave she asked Hazel to lock the door when she had gone out” We watched her drive up the road, seconds later Hazel came back into the play room, we were naked moments later, this day she went down and started sucking my cock, OH God how it made me feel she kept going and I had that funny feeling again, as she pulled her head clear I came, she told Diane my cum would taste nice and she scooped a little p on her fingers and offered them to Diane, she licked Hazels fingers and liked the taste, she then licked all the cum off my stomach. Diane wanted me to do the same to her so in minutes I was sucking my second pussy. Despite all the hype and talk, the swinging 60 wasn’t as swinging as it was made out to be, in 1961 I was 12 years old and sex was as far from my mind, as the sun, my cock had just one use and that was to pee w

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