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#197575 - Night before the last day I school I had a dream about what we had planed for the next night, it made me flash back to ray and my encounter but in this dream we went all the way, he fucked me, it felt so real I could felt everything I woke up have a screaming orgasm and Cumming in my panties. Raymond had a well keep body he was muscular, hot, sexy, dark hair blue eyes, tall, dark and handsome, had the whole bad boy thing going for him and he could drink like a fish, and he was different he talked to me like a adult and he was such a sweetie and hottie and if you couldn’t tell I had the biggest crush ever on him, I am so hot and wet just thinking about him. OH IAM CUMMING IAMM CUMMING I cried as I spurted all over the bath and floor, I had my ath and went home and pasted out total satisfied, I kept my end of the deal I looked after the dogs when ever he asked I still let them fuck me sometime just one, some time both and something Paul tell his wife he is sick and stays home and

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Muy bueno el final
Vous etes les meilleurs et vous le prouvez encore a quand plusieurs queue pour la sublimissime louise
Wow what a lucky man