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#346284 - It was beautiful to watch! Stacy kept moaning and Becks was looking deep into her eyes and focused on making her feel great. They both slept in Kathy's bed which was so sweet to see them in the morning curled up together! Awww! Sweet! The next morning they seemed cool that we'd messed around the three of us that night. I wasn't gonna touch you two if you didn't want! You guys can do anything you want! I get wet watching you! Well Becky's hand pushed her again and that was enough cuz Stacy licked Becky's pussy good! Even her thighs where her cum had squirted! When Stacy got up her face was all slick from Becky! Even her shirt was wet so she stripped nakie! Yaaaaay! It was SO HOT to see! I told them I loved seeing them together and I was so happy for them.

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Hisami hishiishii
You look so good with brown hair
Whats the 2nd song in video