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#93630 - He knocks on the door and Mrs O’Hanigan opens the door with a huge smile on her face “Hey there Joe, how are you doing?” “I’m good thanks and yourself?” “I’m great thank you, come on in. Her mouth and hands feels like a soft wet vice milking his cock and balls, he can feel the pressure building at the base of his cock and gasps softly for breath “I’m going to cum” Her hand slips away from his shaft and her mouth and throat engulfs his cock, taking him deep into the hot depths of her mouth, unable to hold back anymore he releases his pent up orgasm. “Oooh nice ass” Joe just waves her away with his hand as he pulls up his shorts and gets out a pair of socks, he sits down to pull them on and Maryse sits down next to him.

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I want to fuck her full day
Body is amazing but her facial expressions are priceless