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#114332 - Lou pulled back to show them his cock was indeed in her butt, the other guy nearly fell over getting that close, his wife impressed by the show going on in front of her, he then lay down with his head near Lyn's end and she sat down on his cock, which from where I was looked good too, as she rode him her tits bounced wildly, they must have been a e cup or more. Now I wanted to see how Gretchen would go in a 4 some, lifting her up, I carried her to the bed, putting her pussy over Lyn's face while my dick found her sweet spot again, I knew Lyn would eat her clit while I worked her insides, Gretchen soon moved a bit for Lyn to get a better go at her pussy, then wham, she had a huge orgasm, my cock held solid by her cunt muscles. Lou had his shower and came out and dried off, Gretchen now the only one dressed, with a shy smile, she put her fingers under the thin straps on her dress and let it slip down, now totally naked her slim body looked even better.

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Idk about this one bro seems morally ambiguous
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