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#328936 - In the cool morning light, I drove back to the hotel, arriving about 11. I needed no lubricant; I was oozing pre-cum for all I was worth! So, smearing my pre-cum in and around his anus, I first finger-fucked him gently. It was all too much for me; my own cum was rising now and my action became necessarily more frantic, as I pushed faster, back and forth, in and out, until – we each let out our gasps in simultaneous relief, as we both came in two shattering orgasms, each reinforcing the other, as my cum seemed to explode from inside my balls and down my shaft, into his young willingness, to be met by throbs of ecstasy, as his own cum erupted from his prostate, soaking the inside of his kilt in pools of white spooge.

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Jun sagami
Please do more vids
Ritsuko kubel kettenkrad
This was hot af