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#39981 - Five minutes of shaking legs and heavy breathing to get my heart rate down, I Asked him what had happened, and he said you came Then he asked, did it feel good? I just laid there nodding my head until I said FUCK YEA!. He put his hand over my mouth to stop the screams that were echoing through the house, he panted to me “It will stop hurting if you relax and it will feel good. He kept going and I started getting louder and louder every time he’d bit or suck on my clit while fingering me harder and harder, I didn’t know what was happening to me, I had lost track of time, my brain wasn’t co-operating with me, I started shaking and thrusting my hips slightly to meet with his fingers, until I couldn’t move, I started going numb and I couldn’t breathe properly and then he started sucking me harder and fingering me faster until I let out a long sigh of pleasure, I felt as if I was going to piss myself, I couldn’t handle to be touched anymore, not because it hurt but because it felt to goo

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Madoka higuchi
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